About Us

Weresiebear Adventures was founded in early 2018 after we found a need for the service whilst planning our latest outdoor break to brush up on our bushcraft skills, recharge ourselves in nature, and have a bit of craic*. At that time we were disappointed to find few outdoor skills adventure options available in our captivating countryside with its unique geology, world famous culture and sometimes dark history.

Now, whether you`re a hardcore `end-of-days-prepper', want to teach your children to camp smarter, or simply want to practice sustainable living with some bushcraft knowledge, we are sure to have an adventure option that suits. 

Our adventure and skills day leaders are all students of life and want to build upon and share our experiences in the hope that we can spread our love and respect for nature and self-sufficiency. 


*craic is an Irish word. Its closest English equivalent is fun. Craic is fun Irish-style, however craic is so much more than this. 

Our Team



AKA: Weresiebear; the company’s founder, after which the company was named.

Once Geff enters the great outdoors he transforms into a `creature of the woods`. Some people might identify with howling at the moon, but not our Weresie. When Geff enters the woods and becomes bear like.

Skills: life-long Scout, trained as a leader for both the Boy Scouts and The Sea Scouts. Professionally trained in survival skills as part of his former professional role with The Irish Defence Forces. Geff's day-to-day role is in health and safety, technical development and equipment standards. He keeps the camp site and its members safe. Geff is also our resident mental health expert, offering hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and guided meditation on our retreat days. 

Weakness: As the name Weresiebear might suggest, Geff, when irritated, becomes the Weresiebear (think man-biting werewolf, but in cuddly bear form).



AKA: Shevie (pronounced like the American car. Easier to pronounce than Siobhan, for our visitors from abroad).

Skills: Siobhan spent 15 years taking care of the health and fitness of the corporate world. As our Herbalist and Vet Nurse, she is your `go to person` for questions on flora and fauna.

Weakness: Siobhan expects a tidy and organised campsite with curteous `team players`. 



AKA: Wookie. So named due to his `wild man` hairy appearance, colouring and the fact that his unkept beard muffles his speech - also answers to the name Chewie. 

Skills: Barry is our Forester, your `go to person` for questions about trees. He is also fluent in French and Spanish to assist our overseas visitors. Barry has spent a number of yeas travelling the world and has been known to sleep standing up in a hot-press as well as camping in remote places. 

Weakness: Barry`s appearance can frighten small children and cause women of a certain inclination to despair. Otherwise, his appearance, combined with his great friendliness causes everyone else to think he`s some kind of overly tall pet and want to adopt him.



AKA: Mr George or Georgie-Dog. 

Skills: As a Collie-Alsatian mix, as well as his training by his Mom the Vet Nurse, George has the very best skills for `man`s best friend`. George`s pastoral genealogy makes him perfect for overseeing the welfare of the group. He can be found hanging back for any stragglers on hikes, cuddled up to any colder over-night campers and when in `off duty mode` around the camp fire, adds to the general `craic`.

Weakness: Addicted to fetch; engage him in a game at your own peril.