Where would we be without paracord? Probably not out in the wilds having an adventure that's for sure! With 5 mtrs of 550-paracord snuggled securely in your backpack you can be sure of having enough line available for erecting emergency shelters, building fire-bows, snaring food, and, well, securing items as needed. Don't leave home without it! 


Type: Paracord 550
Colour: Approx. 208 color
Length: 5 Mtrs
Diameter: 4mm
Paracord Standard: 7 Inner Strands
Weight: 30g

WeresieBear says: "Why on earth would a bush-crafter or survivalist not want to have paracord to hand at all times? Get this in your bug-out bag at the very least."

550 Paracord (5mtrs)

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