Get your hiking boots on, grab your eReader and join WeresieBear Adventures in the woodlands and foreshores of the Wild Atlantic Way for an in-depth digital guide to Bushcraft and Survival.


Our digital guide book teaches you step-by-step how to build survival shelters, forage for food and wild medicine, navigate through any wilderness terrain as well as create and use primitive technology construction & much, much, more.

This complete bushcraft and survival guide is written in plain, educational English, and is the perfect digital reference for beginners and experienced adventurers everywhere.


In this digital download you will receive a zipped file containing your ebook in both MOBI (Kindle) and ePub (other eReaders) format. 


Also available in paperback via Amazon

The Essential Bushcraft & Survival Guide - digital edition

  • 233 pages of in-depth tutorials across a wide range of bushcraft and survival topics with stunning photographs to help you develop your passion for the great outdoors.