Team Building with a Difference

At WeresieBear we understand that the development of your team is paramount to your collective professional success.


We create unique team-building and corporate events based around our native woodlands and coasts using a mix of bush-craft skills, survival techniques & primitive technology. 


Our bespoke experiences are designed to engage teams, develop leadership, and increase effective team communication as well as a healthy level of natural, friendly competition.  

During our half-day, full-day or weekend events, we use a mix of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural social psychology, and group dynamic disruption techniques to challenge set team culture and rigid growth restriction thinking. 

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group cooking.jpeg

Above: Group participants enjoy cooking a foraged lunch after lighting their campfire using primitive bow-friction technology.

Above: Team's are required to work together against the clock to build the snare mechanism. Here an event participant attempts to win her team some points with our 'snares a bear' game. 


Above: Individual performances can propel a team to success, but have you chosen the best team representative to complete the task? In this case, an emergency fire-lighting race (left) and (right) the hand-eye co-ordination requirements of axe-throwing. 


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